Our "Why"

After discussing his education and employment goals, Ariah sent his Case Manager this text:

“I’m pretty sure with what I am capable of, now I can probably get a scholarship!”

–Ariah (Client, 2021)

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The Real 2K Society honors a distinguished group of annual contributors who donate $2,000 or more each calendar year and play a vital role in ensuring the financial health of the organization.

Gifts at the Real 2K Society level support the foundational core program of shelter – because every young person deserves a place to belong.  Why 2K?  Because The Place began in the year 2000.

Please join us in thanking these leaders for their 2021 membership in the Society.

** Indicates 2-year members of R2K Society

  *** Indicates 3-year members of R2K Society

Mr. Craig Archibald and Ms. Ann Sperling***
Merv and Pat Ault
Gail Baldwin**
Mr. Michael Barnetine and Mrs. Jandy Sharp Barentine
The Estate of Dr. Paul Barton
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Pam Bland***
Mrs. and Mr. Heather and Aaron Briggs
Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Elaine Brush
Ms. Susan H.S Burghart and Mr. Rich Tosches**
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Peggy Byrd**
Mr. Louis Clough
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Pam Damico**
Jeffrey and Alix Fulenchek
Mrs. and Mr. Becky and Michael Gundrum
Mr. Richard Gustafson
Ms. Sara Halloran
Mrs. and Mr. Joanna and Jeremy Hansen
Mrs. and Mr. Angie and Gregory Horning**
Sally and Kyle Hybll
Mr. and Mrs. James and Laura Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Leon and Heather Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. James and Valerie Kromberg
Mr. and Mrs. Randy and Melanie Lindsay-Brisbin***
Mr. and Mrs. David and Lorna Lohmann***
Mr. John McCallum***
Mr. and Mrs. Brennan and Angie McClurg***
Dr. Courtney Meyer
Ms. Jennifer Miller**
Mr. David Minter**
Mrs. and Mr. Annelisa and Chuck Moore
Marika and Darren Olson***
The Palmer Giving Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Sara Peek
Mrs. and Mr. Rochelle and Christopher Plante
Tracey Porter and Marcy Langlois**
Dr. Michael Rosebush
Mrs. and Mr. Kathleen and Russ Rowland
Ms. Caty Rozema**
Mrs. Michele Saad***
Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Vicki Sams***
Mrs. Barbara E. Schaefer**
Ms. Dianne Schisler
Mr. Alan K. Severn***
Mrs. and Mr. Emily and Nik Slothower
Jordan and Michele Strub-Heer**
Ms. Melody (Imelda) Suelto-Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy and Kimberly Sullivan***
Mr. and Mrs. John and Marie Sweetland**
Mr. and Mrs. Clay and Anne Taylor**
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard and Janel Timmins***
Mrs. Louise A. Washington**
Dinny and Terri Weber***
Kelly and Jim Young***

Other ways to donate

While we appreciate your generous, straight-cash gifts, we know that you may seek other creative — even fun — ways to give to The Place.  Please see our extensive list below for some other ideas.  And thank you for partnering with our mission!

Created by Colorado House Bill 2022 – 1083 (HB22-1083), the Colorado Homeless Contribution Income Tax Credit provides a tax credit to Colorado taxpayers that contribute to eligible homelessness related projects within Colorado. When taxpayers make a certified contribution, they can claim 25% of their donation as a state income tax credit if contributed to a qualified project – like The PLACE. The Homeless Contribution Income Tax Credit is administered by the Division of Housing in the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) at the state level rather than by local county representatives.

What this means for YOU…

  • Contributions of $100 or more to The PLACE remain eligible for a 25% state tax credit through the newly launched HCTC program.
  • Checks can be made out directly to The PLACE rather than the office managing the tax credit program.
  • While the EZ program only required the last four digits of the donor’s Social Security Number, a donor’s full Social Security Number must be provided in order for a tax credit certificate to be issued.

This is still an evolving program and process. We appreciate your patience and grace as we all learn together, as a state, how to transition from an idea on paper to a fully functioning program with strict oversight. 

Donating stocks, bonds, and/or securities is a fabulous way to support the youth of The Place and receive tax benefits. Stocks that have appreciated in value can be subject to capital gains tax when sold; however, by transferring your appreciated shares of stock directly to The Place, you can avoid all capital gains and resulting taxes. To make a gift of all DTC Eligible Securities, ask your broker to deliver to:

DTC Clearing 0725
FAO: The Place
Account No. 532H7012
Raymond James & Assoc. Inc. 880 Carillon Pkwy St. Petersburg, FL 33716
DTC Securities

For any questions, please contact our local agent, Gina Reever, at 719.577.4170 / gina.reever@raymondjames.com.  You may also download these instructions:

Donor Form -Stock Donation Instructions PDF, or

Donor Form -Stock Donation Instructions Word

Do you want to make a tax-smart decision while supporting The Place?  We can help. After you turn 70 1/2, you’re required to withdraw from your IRA annually.  Transferring those funds directly to The Place supports the areas you’re passionate about, and you avoid paying income tax.  Your legacy can start today!  Call the The Place Development Office at 719.338.9257 or visit IRA WITHDRAWAL to find out more.

Planning for the future can be an emotionally taxing process. If you are so kind as to consider including The Place in your will or estate plans, we can help. We will be happy to walk you through the process of making a planned gift so that others can help you carry on your wishes of supporting youth in need. Simply call us for a confidential discussion and we’ll be honored to discuss with you ways you can leave a lasting legacy to help youth experiencing homelessness in Colorado Springs without pressure or obligation.

If you intend to include The Place in your will, please include our tax identification number, name and address as follows:

Tax identification number: 84-1549702

Name:  The Place

Address:  423 Cucharras St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

For more information, please reach out to Shawna Kemppainen, at Shawna@theplacecos.org  or  719-338-9257.

Making a financial donation to The Place is a respectful way to honor the memory of the loved one or thank someone in your life that has a special affinity for helping at-risk youth, or to commemorate a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or graduation. Tribute gifts can also be made to thank someone for their efforts. When making a memorial or tribute gift to someone via The Place, please let us know and we will be happy to send along a card in support of your gift.

There are numerous ways you can support The Place through workplace giving programs.  Many companies match their employees’ gifts dollar for dollar. Check with your human resources director to see if your company will match your donation to The Place.

Filing your Colorado State Income Taxes? Don’t forget about The PLACE!

On your tax form or software, just look for the Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit line.  In the boxes where it asks for the name of the nonprofit and Registration #20023003654, you can support The PLACE by entering these two pieces of information:

This will ensure that your selected organizations receive the donations you have designated. Look for The PLACE Registration #20023003654 on the voluntary contribution schedule.

Thank you for your interest in fundraising to support youth who are experiencing homeless in Colorado Springs. Have you considered planning a house party or fun run to raise money for The Place? If so, we would love to talk with you about our current needs and how you can join us in our mission to help youth on their respective paths to self-sufficiency.

We ask anyone fundraising on behalf of The Place to contact our Development Office to discuss your plans. If your event is approved, and depending on our staff’s availability, we may be able to support you in promoting the event and supply you with the necessary marketing materials.

Thank you in advance for your efforts. Together, we can help youth experiencing homelessness obtain the necessary skills and resources to live a safe life off of the streets.

You might have some sleeping bags, blankets, kitchen appliances or other items you would like to donate.  Please go to our In-Kind Donations page to see what we can accept.


Volunteers are indispensable to life at The Place as we work together to fulfill our mission. We offer several opportunities to fit your schedule.

Youth services

Learn about how we’re helping youth in Colorado Springs leave homelessness behind and create self-determined, fulfilled lives. 

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